Express Transmitter

The Express Transmitter was built as a companion transmitter for the Express Receiver.

The transmitter takes VFO, LO, and BFO signals from the receiver, and uses the same 1st and 2nd Mixer Board as the receiver to convert 9-MHz IF signals to the nine HF bands. The transmitter also uses the Power Distribution Board from the receiver.

The following new boards were developed for the transmitter.

  • SSB Generator Board
  • Band Pass Filter Board
  • PA Driver Board

The following 3rd party boards were used to implement the remaining functions.

  • Arduino Mega for Control and Display Functions
  • PennyWhistle 10W Power Amplifier kit from TAPR
  • Low Pass Filter Module LPF-140 kit from HF Projects

Note, the PennyWhistle power amplifier kit and Low Pass Filter Module kit may no longer be available from the respective sites.

© 2014 – 2021 Rod Gatehouse AD5GH

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