2022 SDR Transceiver

This page will be updated as the project progresses.

First of all I want to thank Jack and Al for providing the inspiration and practical guidance to allow me to tackle a SDR transceiver project. I didn’t feel comfortable taking on a SDR transceiver until Jack and Al published their book and well commented code. Understanding the “signal flow” in DSP at the code level in terms of sample buffers, operations on those buffers, and moving between buffers was a big break through for me.

I highly recommend Jack and Al’s book which is available from Amazon:

Software Defined Radio Transceiver: Theory and Construction of the T41-ep Amateur Radio SDT Paperback – April 4, 2022

by Albert Peter AC8GY (Author), Dr. Jack Purdum W8TEE (Author)

Teensy 4.1, Transmit SGTL5000 Codec, Receive PCM1808 ADC & PCM5102 DAC, and Audio Stages Board mounted in Transceiver Chassis for Testing.